The lubrication is force fed by a patented piston pump moved by the rotating crankshaft.

The oil is injected at a high pressure inside the crankshaft . This guarantees a perfect lubrication of the rotating parts. The pump is totally immersed in the oil and it can therefore perform at any given inclination of the compressor.

Oil consumption is reduced to the minimum by this system which creates the oil mist necessary for a perfect lubrication of the cylinders.

Comtek compressors Technology

The automatic robotized assembling and test system, guarantee an elevated quality of the finished product

Construction features
Compressor groups with IP 55
4 pole C1 electric motors. S1 continuous service. IP 55, B34 form
Single phase motor completed with protection with manual resetting
Forced lubrication with patented oil piston pump
Grey cast-iron cylinders
Valve plates with steel lamellar valves
Electric motor and crankshaft – one piece only; Spheroid graphite cast-iron fully tempered
Gear pair in special sintered steel
Large heavy duty ball bearings
Special Teflon bush to reduce friction
After coolers in aluminum are assembled around the van
Metallic air filters with internal 10 micro paper cartridge