Comtek air compressors
born to give more!

Two contra-rotating weights eliminate vibrations.


One-piece piston and rod.


An innovative system that transforms the rotating motion into reciprocating motion without using a conventional connecting rod. The piston motion is completely linear, reducing friction between piston and cylinder during the compression phase.


Forced lubrication system by patented pump.
This provides excellent lubrication in all situations.



Instead of the connecting rod, the reciprocating movement is obtained from a pinion gear mounted on a crankshaft and it moves a eccentric disc upon which the two pistons have been inserted. One complete movement of the gear provokes a complete movement of the eccentric disc which in turn, moves the pistons from the top dead centre to the bottom dead centre inside the cylinders.

This innovative system eliminates the side thrusts the pistons receive from the connecting rods thereby reducing the friction merely to the friction rings.


Due to the great efficiency of its compression system, Comtek compressors deliver from 10 to 15 % more air than any other normal air compressor of equivalent power.


Thanks to the significantly low energy and oil consumption, running costs are considerably reduced.


Comtek air compressors can perform heavy duty service uninterruptedly. Maintenance is almost nonexistent.


Thanks to their lower energy and oil consumption, Comtek compressors contribute to reducing environmental impact.

Comtek Air Compressors Factory

Comtek is a manufacturer of high performance lubricated and oilless piston compressors.

The lubricated compressors, produced with the patented ROTAL technology, are a real alternative to any industrial compressor, either piston or rotary, as they can work heavy duty without reducing their life time.

The noticeably higher volumetric efficiency, is determined by the significantly lower clearance volume.

The direct driven HYDRO oilless range, is water cooled and powered by a 4 pole electric motor. It is suitable for any application which requires a total absence of oil and can guarantee a heavy duty service also at 10 bars.

In comparison to the traditional rotary screw compressors, Comtek compressors are very competitive for all industrial and professional applications. This is due to their high quality, low energy input, high FAD and low maintenance costs.

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